M & M Premiere Servicing has designed a set of rules to ensure the safety of every child entrusted in our care. We will make every effort to be mindful, courteous and respectful of each child and their parent/or guardian. However, we need the buy-in of each parent to ensure a consistent behavior plan.

  1. Each rider will remain respectful at all times. Disrespect, Violence and bullying will not be tolerated.
  2. All riders must be registered prior to pick-up.
  3. To ensure safety, all alternate pick-up and drop-off destinations must be pre-planned.
  4. Make sure the student is ready for pick-up 15 minutes before the Van is due to arrive, as the driver cannot delay the service by waiting for late students. Additional fees apply or unplanned wait time.
  5. Make sure a responsible person is home to meet the Van 10-15 minutes before the drop-off time.
  6. Tell the driver of any changes to transport that needs to be made on both a daily and ongoing basis (e.g. sickness, cancellation of after school activities, etc.)
  7. Keep current contact detail of the Van Driver, School and Care facility on hand at all times. Please keep contact information current and up to date.
  8. Tell the driver of any information that may affect the safe transport of your child. This is extremely important! (e.g. change in legal status of parent or guardian, restraining orders, custody order held by either parent, etc.)
  9. Each rider must remain seated and in a safety belt at all times. No standing while vehicle is in motion.
  10. To keep our vehicles in good condition no outside food or beverages will be allowed.

Student Policy:

In order to ensure the safety of both students and M & M Premiere Servicing staff, we ask that your children understand and adhere to the following rules:

• All passengers should be ready to board the van when it arrives to pick them up. Please be on time. We want to make sure everyone reaches their destination in a timely fashion.
• Seat belts are to be worn at all times. Absolutely NO STANDING allowed when the shuttle is in motion.
• Keep volume of voice down as to not distract driver.
• Do not litter, write on or damage van in any way.
• Do not use inappropriate language.
• Always listen to driver or chauffeurs instruction.

Rule Violations:

Any violations of these rules, for both drivers and students, will result in the following:
1st Violation – Verbal Warning.
2nd Violation – Assigned Seating and Parent Notification.
3rd Violation – 1 week Cancellation of M & M Services.
4th Violation- Cancellation of M & M Services

Cancellation, Vacation Time Request

For our regular weekly clients, M & M Premiere Servicing requires a 2-week cancellation notice. There is a $5 dollar cancellation fee, for all non-contractual clients. This fee will apply to all customers who gives a notice within the 24 hour period. Any service cancelled less than 24 hours will be charged as follows: 50% of the service within 12 hours, 75% of the service within 6 hours and the entire fee after. If, your child is a no-show for the scheduled pick-up, the full fare will be charged to your account. If you should need to cancel please use the site as your first line, email as second line and text as final resort. Please give our staff 48 hours to respond to your request. If an account should be refunded, please allow 48-72 hours for the refund. We will notify you via email or text once transaction has been completed.

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